Creating Resources and Course Management with iPads

iPad Session 2

This session focuses on the approaches that teachers and leadership teams need to consider in using iPads within an education institution.

The first part of this session looks at creating iBooks (electronic text books) as learning and assessment resource, building individual and class e-portfolios, and considering how a structured course could be delivered through iTunes U Course Manager to enable a teacher to deploy content to learners within a cohort.
The second session looks at some of the key issues surrounding the deployment of iPads within an institutions, considering such things as wi-fi infrastructure, and management of devices.

Who Should Attend

This course is suitable for teachers of all subjects, both Primary and Secondary.

What You Will Learn

The workshop will demonstrate:

  • Creating iBooks as e-portfolios
  • Building courses with iTunes U Course Manager
  • Deploying iPads in education
  • Key considerations for school leaders to understand when considering iPads in the classroom
Note: A limited number of iPads will be supplied, but please bring your own if available