Developing Vision and Leadership Skills for Middle Leaders


A practical guide for Heads of Department, Coordinators and other members of the Middle Leadership team

The role of a Subject Leader is one of the most important in any school, second only to that of the Head Teacher. Subject Leaders are working in the ‘engine room’ of school life, expected to turn the vision, values and ethos of a school into reality. 

However most teachers who went in education didn’t go in because they wanted to be leaders, they wanted to be teachers so often haven’t had any training into how to lead a subject area.

This course will focus on practical strategies to develop your vision and leadership skills

Who is it for?

Every schoolteacher who holds a position of responsibility


This course is delivered over two days and divides into four discrete workshops.

What will be covered?

  • Knowing what your vision is and communicating it to your team
  • Understanding what Leadership skills make the most difference
  • The 13 most important things you can do with your team to develop transformational leadership

What difference will it make?

You will have clarity as to what your vision should be and why. You will then have a structure to communicate this vision to your team.

Your leadership style will be revealed to you so that you know how to lead thus making you more effective. By understanding the 13 techniques that develop a transformational leadership style you will develop powerful and productive relationships with your team


Course Outline

Day One - Morning Workshop

  1. Setting the context of leadership
  2. 2 main skill sets
  3. The primary focus of subject leadership
  4. Vision
  5. Communicating your vision
  6. Entitlement and accountability
  7. Leadership of Learning

Day One - Afternoon Workshop

  1. Self Evaluation or Self Inspecting
  2. Evidence gathering
  3. Soft and hard data
  4. ‘Smoking Out’ Underachievement

Day Two - Morning Workshop

  1. Leadership versus management
  2. Transformational styles versus Transactional
  3. Top 13 Tips

Day Two - Afternoon Workshop

  1. Managing Teams
  2. The Belbin Way
  3. Top Tips