Essential Guide to Outstanding Key Stage 2 Lesson Ideas


Improving student success

Target audience

This course is for any teacher of students in Key Stage 2 who wants to add to their kitbag with a host of powerful teaching ideas that have been demonstrated to support students to make outstanding progress.

Course Description

Drawing on 30 years of teaching and the successful delivery of over 1300 courses, Alan has condensed the best practices from Active Learning, Thinking Skills, Accelerated Learning, Assessment for Learning, Emotional Intelligence, DARTS, Power Teaching and the Nuffield Approach into this course.

This course is a 100% practical experience, full of lesson-ready ideas you can use tomorrow. Alan will not talk about the ideas - you will do them. Then you will have an opportunity to consider the use of such ideas and you will have time to tailor the ideas to your way of teaching.

By the end of the course you will have extended your kitbag of teaching ideas that will absorb children and improve academic standards.

What difference will this course make to me?

  • You will be trained by Alan in some of the most powerful teaching ideas that you will want to try out with your students tomorrow.
  • Your students will benefit from thousands of hours of development and experimentation on teaching and learning.



Course Outline

Session One

  • Gaining and using prior knowledge
  • Inspirational starters to motivate
  • Teaching ideas to stimulate deep thinking
  • Realistic techniques to personalize their learning
  • Effective independent learning activities

Session Two

  • Whole lesson ideas with Wow factor
  • Reinforcement of learning techniques
  • Big Picture learning
  • Plenary strategies and metacognition