Realist's Guide to Effective Independent Learning

Develop confident, motivated and self reliant students

A consensus is emerging in education where the best lessons are rich in independent learning. This doesn’t mean pupils working on their own without teacher guidance but rather in skillfully conducted lessons where the teacher plans carefully and where the pupils do the majority of the thinking, processing and expressing of knowledge and understanding. This really is the best it gets as a teacher. The problem of course is how! This course delivers the answers

Who is it for?

Any teacher wanting techniques to increase pupil independence in lessons.

What will be covered?

  • ‘Lesson ready’ ideas to increase pupil independence an lessen teacher dependency
  • A demonstration of the ideas in an active and practical work shop style
  • A rationale as to why developing greater independence really is the best it gets as a teacher

What difference will it make?

This course could potentially shift your entire thinking as to what constitutes effective classroom teaching. It attempts to move the paradigm from ‘teaching and learning’ to ‘learning and teaching’ which is a massive and possibly career altering change.

Come along and find out how!