How to be an Outstanding Member of the Senior Leadership Team


A practical guide to best practice for Senior Leaders in Education

Target Audience

If you are a member of the school’s leadership team or if you are thinking about trying to join the team this course is for you.


This course is delivered over two days and divides into four discrete workshops.

Course Description

Strong, decisive leadership has been identified as the vital component in securing high quality teaching and learning in all schools. This course will demonstrate the skills, knowledge and competencies required to help you to establish and maintain your vision, get the best out of your teachers and ensure high quality outcomes - all whilst maintaining sanity and perspective about the role.

This course will identify your leadership and management style and explain how you can use it effectively to manage and lead teachers. You will establish your vision of highly effective learning and learn how to present it to inspire others. Delegates will understand the key principles of strategic decision making and practice using those principles in a range of scenarios.

Teachers will engage with rigorous and effective systems of monitoring and evaluation. You will be offered realistic and practical solutions to problems relating to staffing, resources and performance. The course will explain simple, but effective ways of analyzing data.


Course Outline

Day One - Morning Workshop

1. What is really worth fighting for in schools?
2. Your vision for education and your school
3. Making your vision a reality – presentation and interpersonal skills
4. Priority and focus
5. Your preferred leadership style – making it effective

Day One - Afternoon Workshop

1. Strategic decision making
2. Invitational leadership and empowering staff to take accountability
3. Using meetings and interviews to influence people
4. Developing a team
5. Self managing clusters or line management
6. Effective communication

Day Two - Morning Workshop

1. Monitoring standards of education
2. Sampling, lesson observations and data analysis
3. Policies and procedures
4. Interviewing techniques
5. Supporting the professional development of colleagues

Day Two - Afternoon Workshop

1. Improving the teaching and learning in your school
2. Managing change and innovation
3. Dealing with difficult teachers and parents
4. Staffing, resources and timetables
5. Effective communication