Improving Performance in the Secondary Classroom

How does an already successful classroom teacher find ways of getting even more out of pupils? What strategies can be used to maximise learning and learner involvement at every stage of the lesson? The answer is by developing ‘deep’ learning through harnessing a range of thinking approaches, integrating powerful yet simple to implement ICT tools all within a classroom environment that uses the space as the teacher’s ‘silent helper’. 

This course integrates elements of Accelerated Learning, Independent Learning, Assessment for Learning, Thinking Skills and Emotional Intelligence into a ‘user friendly and ‘lesson ready’ format.

Who Should Attend

This course is suitable for all Secondary teachers.

What You Will Learn

The course aims to:

  • Demonstrate how to integrate all the latest thinking about effective learning into a practical lesson format
  • Be utterly practical and without jargon
  • Provide a model for building powerful lessons that develop ‘deep learning’
  • Provide templates and exemplar materials for all the ideas