Real Differentiated Learning for Today's Classroom

Making Differentiation Work in Practice

It is now recognized that exam results and classroom performance will be improved further if teachers can make learning more personalized. With this comes a responsibility to differentiate effectively. However whilst teachers know the theory they also know that it can be hugely time consuming too. This course will offer a fresh and new perspective on differentiation that will save teachers time as well as de-construct and de-mystify the jargon.

Who is it for?

All teachers keen on developing innovative and time saving approaches to differentiation.

What will be covered?

  • What is differentiation is and what it isn’t
  • How to plan for it
  • What is involved in differentiation (Pitch, Process, Product)
  • How to do it

What difference will it make?

This course will allow you to see Differentiation as a process rather than a series of ‘hoops to jump through’. You will be able to plan effectively for all your learners allowing them to have challenges that are appropriate for all. The ideas work for all key stages and are easily transferable across subjects.