School Start-up

School start-upWe are here to help you with the start-up of new schools and nurseries, from initial feasibility study and capital-raising through to the initial years of operation.

Why start a school?

Being a school operator is immensely fulfilling at many levels:

  • it is a chance to make a real contribution to society and the development of your country
  • it makes a positive and lasting impact on your students
  • if you have children of your own, it is an opportunity to become intimately involved in their schooling and personal development
  • it creates a steady business, offering valuable employment to a large number of people

Why Eduserve?

During the planning and start-up phase it is essential you seek advice from people who have real-world experience of developing, opening and operating schools in the region - people like Eduserve.

Barriers to entry for opening a school are high. Obstacles include:

  • local bureaucracy
  • identifying (or building) suitable premises
  • sourcing suitable staff and equipment
  • drawing up the ethos, curriculum and educational philosophy of the new school
  • raising the necessary capital, and managing cash flow through the start-up and early growth phase of the project