TechnologyIT systems are playing an ever-increasing role in both the classroom and school administration. Are you maximising the returns available from these changing technologies? We can help you keep abreast of the following technologies:

Interactive web sites

The days of the static web site are long gone. Modern web sites use database technologies to create a more dynamic user experience. Free open-source tools are available to build some or all of the following:

  • forums and blogs
  • comments to provide feedback on any web site content
  • virtual learning environments
  • on-line polls
  • video and podcasts

Sophisticated role-based access allows different stake-holders different permissions to view, update or create new content. This allows web site content to be kept fresh as updating can be delegated to multiple people. Similarly, different access rights for teachers, students and parents can ensure access is restricted to only the appropriate sections of the site.


Digital Marketing

A powerful armoury of tools (from web sites to email newsletters, Facebook to YouTube) is available for schools to get their message heard. Whether the objective is to increase school applications, keep parents more engaged or appeal to prospective staff, it is important to use a blend of these channels to send a clear and consistent message regarding school ethos, direction and achievements.



These are a powerful but under utilised tool for tracking large amounts of information. We can deliver customised, secure, multi-user applications for tasks such as:

  • libraries
  • asset management
  • student attendance registers
  • mark books
  • waiting list management
  • student/parent records
  • staff records and payroll