CHC50908 Diploma in Children's Services

(Early Childhood Education and Care)

Course Content

Below is an overview of how competencies are clustered and delivered:

Cluster 1: Child Development and Pedagogy

  • Design, implement and evaluate programs and care routines for children
  • Observe children and interpret observations
  • Organise experiences to facilitate and enhance children's development
  • Gather, interpret and use information about children
  • Foster physical development in early childhood
  • Use music as a medium to enhance children's experience and development
  • Foster children's aesthetic and creative development
  • Foster cognitive development in early childhood
  • Foster children's language and communication development
  • Foster social development in early childhood
  • Support emotional and psychological development in early childhood
  • Establish and implement plans for developing cooperative behaviour

Cluster 2: Inclusion

  • Work in partnership with families to care for the child
  • Plan for inclusion of children with additional needs

Cluster 3: Management

  • Manage children's services to address regulations and quality assurance
  • Establish and maintain a safe and healthy environment for children
  • Coordinate the work environment
  • Lead and develop others
  • Reflect and improve upon professional practice
  • Meet the needs of the community

The program normally takes around 6 months to complete, leading to a Diploma in Children's Services (CHC 50908).

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